Parents took a nifty quiz at a San Diego Unified committee meeting Wednesday night: Can you tell the difference between standardized tests given to second, fourth, sixth, and 10th graders? And can you detect which is the high school exit exam?

Try it out. There’s one question from each test. Which is which? (The answers are below.)

1. Which word is not spelled correctly?

A – studied

B – earliest

C – tasty

D – thankfull

2. Read this sentence: It can be difficult at first but if you stay patient and follow instructions carefully, you can be an origami artist too!

What is the correct way to write the italicized part of this sentence?

A – first; but

B – first: but

C – first, but

D – Leave as is.

3. Read this sentence: Some of the meteor trails glowed orange or red for a moment, then went away.

What is the MOST effective way to write the italicized part of the sentence?

A – and then they were really, really gone

B – then they disappeared and went away

C – and then they could not be seen any longer

D – then faded away as if they never had existed

4. Which word is not spelled correctly?

A – misses

B – laugh

C – wen

D – that

5. Which of the following is an incomplete sentence?

A – Elephants are known as one of the most respected and magnificent land animals in the world.

B – Living peacefully with other creatures is easy for elephants because, despite their powerful strength, they do not abuse their power, and they carefully avoid harming other creatures.

C – Elephants live together easily.

D – Because they communicate well with each other.

6. Which of the following is the correct way to punctuate the sentence?

A – They recognize one another by sight smell, and voice.

B – They recognize one another by sight, smell, and, voice.

C – They recognize one another by, sight, smell, and voice.

D – They recognize one another by sight, smell and voice.

So now here are your answers:

1. Grade 4

2. Grade 6

3. High school exit exam. (The exam is pegged to a roughly 9th grade reading level.)

4. Grade 2

5. Grade 8

6. Grade 10


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