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Sunday, May 11, 2008 | Re: “Enviro Group Settles With Sandag,” May 7 2008 Unbelievable! A transit activist group trying to get already transit obsessed SANDAG to build San Diego’s way out of congestion with even more meaningless transit! And SANDAG has failed completely to do that for 20 years using more than one-third of the total transportation budget. Transportation isn’t the end product, it is a major component of a prosperous economy and preferred lifestyle. So it supports jobs, housing etc, etc, etc, not vice versa. Decades ago people determined the need for persoal transport in autos and rejected wasteful time consuming mass transit.

Do the math. High density transit oriented enclaves will increase energy wasting traffic congestion even if impossibly heroic levels of transit use occur. But I suppose that’s OK if the main objective is to let a few live frontier style in the country with few neighbors.

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