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Thursday, Aug. 14, 2008 | I find it very disappointing self-serving Southeastern Economic Development (SEDC) voted to keep Owen on, rationalizing that “No one has been accused of anything,” and needing to take into consideration that “it’s all perception.” Well, there is an old axiom that a public official should avoid even the perception of wrongdoing, otherwise the public loses faith.

I don’t have any faith in this organization and feel they are using our taxpayer money as a cash cow and their positions to rig inside deals to benefit themselves. Board member Sharon Whitehurst-Payne stated, “I believe that everybody should have their day in court.” I guess we need a lawsuit to get to the bottom of this. Thank God we have Mike Aguirre to follow up. As for Owen, hopefully defending himself will not distract him too much from whatever business he is supposed to be doing for the public good.

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