Here’s an interesting article from on whether homeschooled kids should be able to join athletic teams for other schools.

It’s another dimension of the homeschooling issue that exploded earlier this year when a court opined that parents couldn’t homeschool without a valid teaching credential, and it features a San Diego teen who goes to a charter school that helps homeschoolers. That’s just what we wrote about earlier this year.

The article follows Tate Forcier, a quarterback for Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego Unified, who “can’t imagine studying a textbook rather than studying a defense” on Fridays in the fall:

“I’ll tell my teacher, ‘I have a game today,’” Forcier said. “He’ll say, ‘That’s fine; you don’t have to come.’ And I’ll go to my football school and watch film all day.”

Forcier is different than most recruits. A member of the ESPNU150 (No. 141) and the 14th best quarterback in the country, he thrives in an alternative educational setting.

For two years at a public school, he was “getting left behind,” his father, Mike, said.

Now, he attends The Charter School of San Diego, a one-room facility where one student takes one class at a time with one teacher for three hours, two days a week.

Technically, it’s a charter school. Tate Forcier calls it “homeschooling, without a teacher coming to you.”

Because the school receives public money, the 6-foot-1, 183-pound University of Michigan commitment stars at Scripps Ranch, which is his local public school.

“Kids at other schools are always like, ‘You’re so cool; you’re so lucky to do that,’” said Forcier, who has doubled his workload to graduate in December. “It’s incredible. It’s like tutoring. I use every advantage I can get.”

The article goes on to say that other homeschooled teens aren’t as lucky, and are unable to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics at public schools.


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