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I just spoke to City Attorney Mike Aguirre for the first time in a few days. He told me his campaign has moved on from Steve Rivera, who until recently was Aguirre’s campaign manager.

“Steve’s a really great guy, but we’re using some other people who can move us on to the next phase,” Aguirre said. “He’s a person that got us a long way down the road but we’re now using other people.”

Aguirre said he’s now working with political consultant Chris Crotty.

Crotty confirmed that.

“I am, kinda-sorta,” Crotty said when I asked him if he’s working for Aguirre. “I’m not managing his campaign, I did a couple of pieces of mail for him.”

I asked him whether that relationship’s ongoing.

“I’m still talking to him. Whether he chooses to listen or not is still debatable. We don’t have a contract,” Crotty said.

I also asked Crotty why he thinks Aguirre hasn’t spent much money on his campaign. I asked him if he thinks Aguirre’s broke.

“He’s still got some money, not like Jan (Goldsmith) has, and certainly not the amount he had last time. I know that for a fact,” Crotty said.

Finally, Crotty said Aguirre’s been out campaigning tooth-and nail recently.

“I think it took awhile to have it sink in. Then it kicked in and he’s a crazed man, going everywhere, doing everything. He’s the candidate I know from a few years ago,” Crotty said.


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