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When I wrote up this post, I pointed out one caveat to the announcement that the authors of an unsolicited stadium proposal seemed to be shutting down their bid:

One caveat: You’ll notice that the wording says the group is “stopping any and all media outreach.”

So, technically, the group could still be moving forward and just not telling the media about it or trying to rally public support.

Turns out that technicality is an important one.

I got in touch with Perry Dealy, the developer leading the stadium proposal.

Here’s what he said about the announcement:

I don’t think it means it goes away, but we don’t want to go out and work uphill against the constituency of the Chargers and the city. I may meet with a few people to see if some of the concepts still have some validity. But we’re not out as a task force to refine or make this concept any more attractive than we already have.


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