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Image Fact Check: TrueIn the words of some of our 1,067 members…

  • “We contribute because good investigative reporting is both vital and in extremely short supply. VOSD consistently delivers the best in San Diego…”
    –Bill & Peggy Bradshaw, San Diego
  • “VOSD is the news source I can always count on to address the issues that really matter to San Diegans interested in social change…”
    –Marco Gonzalez, Encinitas
  • “I contribute to because in this era of shrinking local news sources we need all the help we can get to stay on top of what’s going on in this County…”
    –Pat Finn, Del Mar

Quality investigative reporting is essential to a democracy.

Image Fact Check: TrueIn the words of some other members…

  • “I have contributed to Voice of San Diego because I believe that real “newspapers” — whether hard-copy or online — are vital for our city, our state and our country…”
    — Richard Vandervoort , Bankers Hill
  • “During a time of decreasing presence of quality news reporting in the San Diego area, the Voice of San Diego has become a premier journalistic voice doing the people’s questioning, keeping elected officials (and those who would want to influence them) honest, responsive and responsible…”
    –Tom Walters, Santee
  • “Voice of San Diego is the antidote to the Enron by the Sea label for San Diego. Voice speaks for the powerless people and lets the people speak… with no partisan agenda for politicians…”
    –Sandy Lippe, University City

VOSD is a leader in the nation in nonprofit news.

Image Fact Check: TrueIn the past two years, VOSD has received tremendous attention on a national stage: a front-page article in The New York Times, funding from prestigious national journalism foundations, a national investigative journalism award, a mention from the Pulitzer Prize committee on the type of online-only news organizations that now qualify to enter, a highlight from the’s Top 10 Media Gamechangers, and an incredible endorsement from legendary investigative reporter Bob Woodward saying that if he were just beginning his career again, he’d want to work at


VOSD has many passionate members.

Image Fact Check: TrueTo wit, here are a few more testimonials:

  • “I’m pleased to have supported Voice of San Diego since its launch because it provides fast, timely and interesting coverage of important news impacting our region. It’s a must-read throughout every day…”
    –Tom Gable, Del Mar
  • “I like the work you are doing. I like real news. I like local news. I like news that informs us as to what is going on in our public agencies and governing bodies…”
    –Gary Cristofani, Serra Mesa
  • “No other local media is doing such a good job of digging into the issues and flushing out the crooked government types and their sponsors who have screwed up this county beyond recognition…”
    –Don Wood, La Mesa

VOSD has a new parternship with NBC 7/39.

Image Fact Check: TrueVOSD is bringing San Diego Explained and San Diego Fact Check to a larger audience…

In January, we launched two new innovative projects in partnership with NBC 7/39. San Diego Fact Check helps you sift through San Diego’s spin and determine whether the information is true or false. San Diego Explained segments bring you up-to-speed on the basics behind myriad San Diego issues.


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