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Good morning from Hillcrest.

  • Happy Budget Day. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders will release his 2011 budget today at a noon news conference, and it is expected to close a $25 million-plus gap. He’s also planning on releasing an updated five-year financial forecast. And there’s more: The city’s independent budget analyst is scheduled to release a survey of what services residents want and an updated five-year financial forecast. 
  • We’ll lead off the day with the state Coastal Commission’s rejection of a $228 million city/port plan to overhaul the downtown bay front along the North Embarcadero. The commission cited a lack of park space. 
  • My colleague Emily Alpert has a piece on the Field Act, the state’s earthquake codes designed to protect schools. The school district tried to shave costs from the proposed downtown schoobrary by making it a charter school not subject to the act’s restrictions.
  • County Supervisor Bill Horn is fending off allegations that he was campaigning on county time after he sent out an e-mail promoting an “anti-tax” rally.
  • How much does name recognition matter in a City Council race? I follow my story on the Hueso and Inzunza families and the District 8 election.
  • The Mayor’s Office was wrong when it said the city has laid off fire personnel. 
  • Help us Fact Check Congressman Bob Filner’s statement on foreclosures and the federal stimulus package.

And finally, because we can, here’s Supervisor Ron Roberts promoting lawnmower trade-ins.


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