We’ve received dozens of submissions to the new Fix San Diego and we’ll be publishing them in due course, starting with what San Diego is doing right. Later, we’ll get to the critiques and problems of things that need more thought and work.

Jesse Mellon:

Here’s something San Diego is doing right: the neighborhood signs. They’re like little announcements for each part of the city. They’re elegant beacons for locals to take pride in, and visitors can use ’em to find their way around.

Ed Rudetsky:

I live in Palm Desert and keep a boat on Shelter Island. I appreciate the walk and the park around the side of Shelter Island that faces the bay and naval station. A city like New York, my hometown, does not come near to maintaining similar paths open to the public, either in nature’s splendor or public facilities and drinking fountains for joggers, RV daytime campers, elderly bench-warmers and families and children. Keep up what you are doing so well.

Janie Brown:

For one, I am happy to have an opportunity to talk about what is right about our city. It appears that we repeat what is wrong all of the time. We live in an amazing place. Yes, it has challenges, but every place does. I am hopeful that this becomes a forum for some positive thoughts about how we can work together to improve our city and region. Interdependence is evolutionary.

Jerry Hughes:

There are many things “right” about San Diego! Our climate, our natural resources (percentage of land available in the county for public use, recreation) relatively clean air, vibrant downtown, healthy tourist industry, clean neighborhoods, available mass transit, adequate infrastructure (freeways, etc.) centralized airport and a great, positive attitude of our citizens toward visiting tourists. Our airport is finally being expanded, after many years of studies and deliberations. That ties into our tourist industry, making San Diego a better place to play and offering a better work center.

What else does San Diego do right? What kind of existing behavior, practices, systems, etc., should be reinforced, encouraged and promoted? What would you like to see more of in this city and county? And what are we doing right that we can teach to rest of the state and country?

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