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Monday, April 30, 2007 | Scott Peters’ comments about Councilman Jim Madaffer was exactly right in my opinion.

After working with Jim for several years, Councilman Peters and his other councilmates have respect for the man who works for the betterment of our city, his family, his community and anyone who needs help.

Jim has made mistakes that the media has diligently and rightly pointed out in their newspapers, television and blogs. Who hasn’t made mistakes?

Sometimes he is the hot head that Councilman Peters alluded to; Madaffer is sometimes impatient with the process of governance. He gets frustrated by the slow tempo of how our city works and has acted on his feelings.

What the media has not done is focus on the work Madaffer has done on our behalf. He sits on local and state committees representing our city with the enthusiasm that he brings to all of his projects. He is well received and we all benefit.

His mother taught her children to volunteer and be true to themselves. Those are the same qualities that Jim and his wife instill in their sons.

Jim is young, capable, intelligent, energetic and has a good heart.

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