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Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008 | David Washburn‘s story implies that there would not be a big change in the City Council’s big picture if Stephen Whitburn is elected. I couldn’t disagree more!

Todd Gloria, has, by his own admission spent his entire career inside the system that’s earned us the title of “Enron by the Sea.” Working with the “insiders” to clean up this mess is like cleaning the decks of the Titanic with a water pistol. Also, the people quoted in the article who said there would not be much of a difference are old Dick Murphy supporters who fear someone like Whitburn messing up their million dollar plans. Whitburn has the guts to do what needs to be done. He has been consistent and passionate in his desire to give the power back to neighborhoods and take it out of the hands of the development machine. Publicly calling for an end to the CCDC and SEDC gravy train isn’t “grandstanding.” It’s doing what’s right.

Todd Gloria will be business as usual. Stephen Whitburn will be a breath of fresh air in the stink of San Diego government. His will be a much-needed vote in our fight to clean up San Diego government. Donna Frye can’t do it alone and she certainly won’t get any help from Todd Gloria, April Boling, or Phil Thalheimer-all developer darlings. For real reform, she needs the votes of Stephen Whitburn, Sherri Lightner, and Marti Emerald.

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